in search of amber room

The documentary film unveils the unknown aspects of the Soviet search for the Amber Room, a complete palace chamber decorated with amber panels of the Catharine Palace of Tsarskoy Selo located near Saint Petersburg which disappeared during World War II.
The Amber Room was searched for years in many places, including Czech Republic nad Kaliningrad. We follow the fascinating story of a Polish colonel who once coordinated the unknown search for the missing Amber Room. Now, not only does he agree to reveal the details of the intriguing search efforts but he also shares undisclosed documents and, most importantly, an unknown color film from the 80s which documented the Soviet search. 
The story has an unusual current twist: professionals equipped with high tech equipment and formerly unknown military maps, provided by the colonel, reexamine previously investigated lakes. Sonar scans reveal fascinating objects which may provide leads to solve the mystery of the missing Amber Room. 
At a first dive site a team of divers lifts three German trucks found a couple of weeks ago exactly in an area previously examined by Soviet representatives in the 80s. At a different location, a German plane located in the 80s by Polish and Russian military divers is now being lifted from the sea bottom. We join these professionals in their efforts to haul up and open the mysterious content of these tucks. 
The colonel joined by his ambitious team who strive to resolve the mystery, reappears at the above locations for the captivating moment of truth. 
Documentary film in production. Produced by IMPAKT FILM.