Eastern Wind

Feature documentary directed by Sophie Marzec about the extraordinary post - war emmigration from the Western world behind the Iron Curtain.

Mieczysław was born in France before the war in a family of Polish imigrants. In 1946 his father decided it’s time to move back to Poland  to build a new socialist country.  When many Poles flee the country and the communist repressions, Mieczyslaw finds himself doing the exactly opposit trip. The new life is harsh and he has to abandon his dreams of studying in the Academy of Arts. An early career in the army soon leads him to work for the police and finally for the Security Department, the infaumous UB.  Mietek becomes one of the many agents working for what became the pillar of the repression aparatus in the communist system.

Today Mieczysław is 83 years old and decides to tell the story of his life a French filmaker, whose own polish ancestors did not decide to make the return trip to Poland. The two of them will be going together  to  Meurthe-et- Moselle, the French mining region where Mietek was born.  It will be Mietek’s first visit to France after the war.

We discover the history of Poland seen through the archives of the communist propaganda and the eyes of a man indoctrinated by the “new socialism” in his early youth who still believes in the superiority of the old regime over the democratic world he lives in today.

Feature documentary in production by IMPAKT FILM and Macalube Films (France).