Feature documentary about the uneven fight between local rural community in the Kaszuby region of Northern Poland and the gas industry that arrives uninvited to search for shale gas.
Edek is living with his mother Tunia on a small village in Northern Poland. Their family has lived on this land for centuries raising livestock but 2012 has brought them a sudden threat to their traditional life. Polish leading oil company decided to explore the nearby fields for shale gas, the new energy source everyone in Poland dreams about. Everyone, except the people who have their lands in the vicinity of the new drilling sites. Edek decided to take action into his own hands. He started out by decorating his barn with enormous graffiti thanks to a small group of artists he invited. He was also the first person in the country to prevent the companies from illegally entering his fields with heavy machinery used for seismic exploration of the underground structure. When he refuses a bribe from the company he had to endure a few months of permanent threats and harassments, but this did not discourage him. The drilling the area was suspended for some time but Edek became more in more ostracized in his own community... 
Feature documentary in post-production, produced by IMPAKT FILM.