In search of Max Hudan

Transmedia Project

IN SEARCH OF MAX HUDAN is a fact-based transmedia investigaton into the disappearence of Max Hudan. The son of the Russian speaking KGB officer from Crimea who arrived on Maidan in Kiev to overthrow a corrupt government, joins the Ukrainian army to fight with separatists but suddenly disappears on the frontline. The project responds to this urgent need for solving the mystery of a soldier in war, who was captured and now is unaccountant for. This fact-driven, unlinear transmedia experience will invite the user to figure out what happened to Max. Along with the evolving story of the disappearing we will unravel the complexity of geopolitcal situation in the region, shedding light on the most intricate moments in the contemporary events in Ukraine. We will be meeting the people who knew him: his fellow soldiers, friends and family members. We will use different transmedia elements: videos, personal objects, pictures, interviews, testimonies, the interactive map, animated content. The user will unfold the story from different perspectives, decide how deep to go into the larger narrative, when to go there, which direction to navigate through the story.

IN SEARCH OF MAX HUDAN was conceived by Bartek GliƄski and Maciek Hamela. 

The project was selected to the following events: NET LAB 2014 (Dok Leipzig; 11.2014), DOK TANK 2015 (East Euopean Forum, Prague; 03.2015), I DOC 2015 (Visions Du Reel, Switzerland; 04.2015), CROSS VIDEO DAYS (Paris; 06.2015). The project was also presented in front of the public during One Heart - Human Rights Festival in Prague.

The project got BEST PITCH AWARD during I DOC (Visions Du Reel, Switzerland) and was awarded with the selection to the Cross Video Days.

In May 2015, IN SEARCH OF MAX HUDAN got  the award for the BEST INTERACTIVE & TRANSMEDIA PROJECT at Sunny Side of the Doc (La Rochelle,France).