Feature documentary directed by Maria Murashowa about the people gathering sea grass on the Solovki Islands, once a Soviet Gulag. 
Nobody lives permanently in the village of Rebolda anymore, though hundreds were buried here, victims of the first Gulag created in Soviet era. On these remote Solovki Islands, on the White Sea, only seasonal workers show up in the summer. They come for the annual sea weed picking and stay for five months without electricity, running water and mobile phones surrounded by the residues of the Gulag: barbed wires and primitive camp constructions. This film tells their story. Natasha recently divorced her long time husband and decided to come here with her new lover, Igor to earn some cash for a new life's start. This will be a test for their new relationship. Valery is a 55 year old vagabond, permanently without cash and seeking new adventures. It's his 3rd time on the Solovki islands and he will be instructing the youngsters on how to get around here, boys like Vitaly who escaped di­fficult family conditions and no work perspectives in Archiangielsk.


Feature documentary in in development, co-produced by Impakt Film, Macalube Films (France) and Ethnofund (Russia).